Miami Marine Stadium

gallery_1_86_224713The Miami Marine Stadium was designed by the firm of  Pancoast, Ferendino, Grafton, Skeels and Burnham and completed in 1964.  Poured entirely of concrete, the stadium consists of a cantilevered roof supported by eight large slanted columns anchored to the ground through the grandstand.  Hear speakers discuss the stadium, its history, its future, and its significance to Miami.  View  archival drawings, photographs, and work of students and faculty in the Irvin Korach Architecture Gallery.  Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 6:00 PM.  Lecture followed by exhibition at the UM School of Architecture, Glasgow Hall (lecture) and Korach Gallery (exhibition).


About dawntownmiami

The annual public international architecture ideas competition for Downtown Miami! Also architecture and urban planning events in Miami throughout the year.
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