Documentary on Florida’s Future Development

WPBT is working on a documentary called “Imagining a New Florida.”  From the official teaser: “Florida is at a critical crossroads.  After a half-century of phenomenal growth and sprawl development, our car-oriented culture is seen as causing social isolation, detracting from our sense of community.  And, though growth has stalled during the recession, we expect it to resume — increasing Florida’s population to some 25 million by 2030.  Can Florida grow in a sustainable way that allows people to connect with one another?  Through the voices of architects and artists, developers and historians, planners and plain folk, we embark on imagining a new Florida.  Watch for our one-hour documentary, coming in May 2010.”  Sounds right up our alley!


About dawntownmiami

The annual public international architecture ideas competition for Downtown Miami! Also architecture and urban planning events in Miami throughout the year.
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