Revitalization by Art

Not convinced that the arts can help revitalize neighborhoods?  Apparently the Ford Foundation disagrees (from the New York Times).  They are allocating $100M for arts spaces, particularly those that are tied up with neighborhood redevelopment and beautification.  This mirrors the National Endowment for the Arts new “Art Works” campaign.  A matching grant made in heaven?

Anyone remember a few years ago Tom Wolfe spoke at the Freedom Tower on exactly this topic?  On how the new religion is art, how the rich realized that when they gave money to a church they had nothing to show for it, but when they buy art they have the admiration of their peers AND an asset.  On how artists have the power to draw the rich and others into blighted neighborhoods, how artists should be encouraged to live in all blighted neighborhoods until they are all gentrified.

Mr. Wolfe followed this logic until a questioner (this blogger) pointed out that once all neighborhoods are gentrified, there would be no neighborhood affordable for artists, resulting in an art-less city.  Who is looking forward to Mr. Wolfe’s new book on Miami?


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