Followup on the Gusman Theater

It appears that the Gusman Theater in Downtown Miami may get a second chance. Herman Echevarria, a former councilman from Hialeah and current CEO of BKV/Meka Marketing, is currently taking the initiative by setting up a non-profit that would manage the theater. Mr. Echevarria dropped out of the political scene in 1997 and since then has had many accolades to his name such as, serving on the board of the Beacon Council and was formerly the chair of the Miami Symphony Orchestra

Ironically, Echevarria had never attended an event at the Gusman until earlier this year.  He was quoted in the Miami Herald saying:

“It’s so beautiful,” he said. “Gusman center is an icon to our community. It would be a disgrace to close it down.”

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In other news involving the Gusman, Friday night marked the premier of documentary filmmaker Alexandra Codina’s film, MONICA & DAVID.    The film, which was supported by Comcast and HBO, is about the romance and life of a newlywed couple who have down syndrome.  The film presents a candid view into their lives, shattering all misconceptions about adults with disabilities.  Codina who is a native of Miami recently showed the film at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in NYC.  It was there that she took home the Jury Award for Best Documentary.  For more information on the film, please visit:


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