Revival on the Horizon for Historic Miami Marine Stadium | News | Architectural Record

Revival on the Horizon for Historic Miami Marine Stadium | News | Architectural Record.

Click on the above link to read about the status on the Miami Marine Stadium where we are fortunate enough to receive a small, but important mention.  We are happy over the potential good news on this project,  and we are very happy our efforts helped push this one of kind marvel into the international spotlight.  Kudos to you David Sokol at Architectural Record, and Don Worth, Hilario Candela, and Jorge Hernandez at Friends of Miami Marine Stadium.  Here is the excerpt from the article:

The preservation efforts have paid off. In July 2010, Miami’s city commissioners approved a new master plan for the island conceived by Candela and FMMS cofounder Jorge Hernandez, with help from students at the University of Miami School of Architecture. The stadium is the centerpiece of the redevelopment scheme. The movement to restore the venue got another boost last year when a local architecture competition organizer, Dawntown, unveiled the winners of an ideas competition to design a new floating stage for the arena.

-David Sokol, Architectural Record


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