Unfinished Spaces: Documentary on Cuba’s National Art Schools

Unfinished Spaces is a feature documentary scheduled for worldwide release in 2011. It tells the story of three architects who resume their first project—Cuba’s National Art Schools—left unfinished in 1965 when their creative visions came head to head with the political realities of the Revolution.

The National Art Schools were envisioned as an incubator of Latin American artists.  The state would provide tuition and costs to whomever was eligible to attend the school.  At one point, Castro’s regime had hoped that the National Art Schools would rival those similar programs found in Europe.

The movie will be playing at the Miami International Film Festival.  DawnTown board member, Jean Francois Lejeune, will be leading a panel discussion about the film in a limited seating showing at the Freedom Tower on March 4th.  Please visit the Miami International Film Festival

The film is directed by Alysa Nahmias & Benjamin Murray
For more information visit Unfinished Spaces


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