News on the Miami Marine Stadium

The collaboration between Friends of Miami Marine Stadium and DawnTown pushed the Marine Stadium into the international spotlight.  The stadium is truly one of a kind and deserves to have a second chance.  Below is a message from the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium non profit.

On Thursday, March 8, time certain of 2:00 PM, the Miami City Commission is scheduled to vote on legislation to form a public private partnership between the City of MIami, The Miami Sports and Exhibition Authority (MSEA) and Friends of Miami Marine Stadium (FMMS). The goal of this partnership is analyze alternatives to restore and operate the Marine Stadium. We are asking you to support this legislation and contact the Miami CIty Commissioners listed below.

Please attend the meeting if you can. The location of the meeting is:

Miami City Hall,
3500 Pan American Drive
Coconut Grove

You don’t have to speak-showing your support is important.

Please email the Commissioners below and ask them to approve this legislation. You can simply say the following:
Please approve the legislation establishing a partnership with Friends of Miami Marine Stadium to restore the Stadium.  You can then add any personal reasons why you want to see the Stadium restored. Click on the names to email the Commissioners individually:

Commissioner Willy Gort
Commissioner Marc Sarnoff
Commissioner Frank Carollo
Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones
Commissioner Francis Suarez

To send to all five Commissioners at once, click here

If you are having difficulty loading your email page, the email addresses are below and you can copy and paste them:

The legislation, as developed by the Administration, is a vital step in moving this complicated process forward. It establishes a Steering Committee that will provide recommendations to the City Manager as to the specifics of the final agreement. The Steering Committee will meet regularly, will be subject to the Sunshine Laws, and will assure the public an opportunity for input. Because the final agreement must be approved by both the City Commission and MSEA, the City can first work with Friends (FMMS) to flesh out the plan. Finally, the legislation designates FMMS as the entity to work with the City and MSEA to develop the Stadium. This is both appropriate and necessary. Since the Marine Stadium was closed in 1992, we are the first (and only) group to come forward with a plan for its restoration. To continue our work, and begin developing both fundraising and operating strategies, we need the commitment from the CIty. The proposed legislation will provide this.


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