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Andres Viglucci is the Miami Herald’s veteran reporter on urban affairs in this city, and a frequent supporter of DawnTown.  In the newspaper today, he writes a great article about the revival of Flagler Street, Miami’s first main street in the downtown area.  Flagler, which demarcates North and South for the city, has gone under radical transformations in the past 60 years.  It went from being the place where people went to get anything they needed to a ghost town when residents began moving farther into the depths of suburbia.  The past few years have shown a great change for Flagler Street with new residents and development returning to downtown Miami.

Merchants, officials say time is ripe for reviving downtown Miami’s Flagler Street – Biscayne Corridor –

The second article, by David Smiley, is about the hotel industry in Miami Beach. Apparently, Miami Beach plans to remake the dull convention center into a high-end hotel “in the heart of South Beach”.  Another high end hotel? In South Beach?  But this time inland?  Sounds interesting, but like the article states, it is a BIG GAMBLE.  Read more about it below.

Miami Beach gambles on radical remake of convention center – Miami-Dade –


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