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The New York Times just will not stop writing about parking.  Phil Patton writes, in the Automobiles section, a response to Professor Eran Ben-Joseph’s article written on Monday.  The article makes for a good follow up, and although doesn’t reference the Bayfront Parkway project as I did, it does reference the 1111 Lincoln Road Parking Garage in Miami Beach.  1111 Lincoln Road has gained a reputation for being more than just a garage.  The lot can be transformed into an event space, a backdrop for commercials and tv shows, and a great lookout tower on clear days.  Throw in the fact that the Herzog de Meuron project is also home the best burger place in Miami(via New York City), a Taschen book store, Nescafe and other commercial components, and you’ll start to wonder if the parking garage was just an excuse to design such a great space.

1111 Lincoln Road Parking & Retail by Herzog and DeMeuron
[ the image above shows what the parking garage looks like when people actually park there]

Although this post is not meant to be a love letter to 1111, I am trying to point out that these well designed spaces are still few and far between.  The growing trend is more often seen at a smaller scale; an underused parallel parking spot replaced with street furniture and landscaping, known as parklets, has gone from being a temporary structure to a more permanent solution.

image courtesy of DawnTown Inc. Public Parklet in San Francisco by SFPavement to Parks

A few months ago, I wrote that the popularity of 1111 had brought the interest of Zaha Hadid to Miami to develop a similar structure.  So far, it’s just been in the conceptual stages with no hard evidence whether her structure is just as useful. Nevertheless, it appears that the change in typology of the parking space, whether vertical or horizontal, is changing for the better.

To read Phil Patton’s article, click on this link:  Phil Patton talks about Parking Lot uses


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