Followup on Sobe Park Charrette

Just a short recap of the Sobe Park Charrette review that occurred last week on Miami Beach.  The project featured 3 designs by Gensler, Benoy in partnership with ADD Inc, and SOM.  The developer, Crescent Heights, owns the property in question and seeks to create a more attractive entrance and useful space.  All the designs are very flashy and using elements of landscape urbanism, the increasingly popular style of the time.  Personally, it seems like an attempt to create a flashier version of the ever hyped High Line project with a retail component.  Although all of the projects are large in scale and create grand gestures, there’s nothing really that make them uniquely Miami / Miami Beach.  People forget that the High Line is a success because the existing infrastructure was there to begin with and was retrofitted into something else.   Local 10 news has coverage of the three designs, and below we’ve placed a slideshow of images taken from the event.  Click here to view it.

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