COMPETITION UPDATE: And the finalists are…

The first phase of the DawnTown Design/Build Competition has ended.  With over 110 entries from around the world, the jury process was extremely difficult, as there were many great portfolios to choose from.  In the end, we settled on 16 teams to move on to the next round.  We thank all the competitors for taking the time to enter, and we will display everyone’s work here on our website and again on our flickr page at a later date.  Finalists will be receiving an email with the competition brief in the next 5 days.

In no particular order, I am proud to introduce to you the DawnTown Design/Build finalists:

1. Team: Seiji Anderson + Ben Schulte  
    Location:  New York City, NY

2. Team: Miki Iwasaki   
    Location:  San Diego, CA

3. Team: Gean Moreno  
    Location:  Miami, FL

4. Team: 24°Studio; Yashushi Ishida, Fumio Hirakawa, Marina Topunova
    Location:  Kobe, Japan

5. Team: MONAD Studio/estudi CV Opera Publica;
Eric Goldemberg, Veronica Zalcberg,   Cludio Vekstien
     Location:  Miami, FL / Buenos Aires, Argentina/ Phoenix, AZ

6. Team: SPORTS; Molly Hunker + Greg Corso 
    Location:  Los Angeles, CA

7. Team: NC-Office; Nikolay Nedev, Elizabeth Cardona, Peter Nedev, Cristina Canton
    Location:  Miami, FL

8. Team: Rael San Fratello; Virginia San Fratello + Ronald Rael
    Location:  Oakland, CA

9. Team:  Jennifer Bonner + Christian Stayner
    Location:  Atlanta, GA / Detriot, MI

10. Team:  Open Source Architecture; Chandler Aherns + Aaron Sprecher
    Location:  Montreal, QC Canada / Los Angeles, CA / Tel Aviv, Israel

11. Team: Gelpi Projects/Paleo Studio; Nick Gelpi
    Location:  Miami, FL

12. Team: Alessandro Console, Marcella Del Signore, Gina Oliva
    Location:  Rome, Italy / New Orleans, LA

13. Team:   EASTON+COMBS; Lonn Combs + Rona Easton
    Location:  New York City, NY

14. Team: Rachel Dickey
    Location:  Atlanta, GA

15. Team: Balmori Associates;
Diana Balmori, Javier Gonzalez, Campana, Mark Thomann, Theodore Hoerr,
Isabel Lezcano, Isabelle Desfoux
    Location:  New York City, NY

16. Team: Manuel Clavel Rojo + Jacob Brillhart
    Location:  Madrid, Spain / Miami, FL


About dawntownmiami

The annual public international architecture ideas competition for Downtown Miami! Also architecture and urban planning events in Miami throughout the year.
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