Miami Community to support The Rockaways


The Rockaways is a popular beach area, and escape from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Located in Long Island, the area was devastated by Hurricane Sandy leaving many without power, still to this day.  Living in Miami, we are no strangers to hurricanes and the damage they bring so a group of locals are gathering together to raise funds for rebuilding efforts in the area.  Spearheading the charge is former DawnTown juror and landscape architect Walter Meyer.  Meyer, a native Miamian turned Brooklynite, has been rallying support from different places to help those in need.  From designing solar powered generators to distributing food, he and many volunteers have been instrumental in relief efforts.  We think it is a worthy cause too, which is why we’re breaking away from talking about Miami for once, to focus on this humanitarian effort.  So if you are in Miami, enjoy live music, and want to help a good cause, consider coming by tomorrow to attend this event.  DawnTown stands by to support the Rockaways!

For more info visit their facebook page: Now is the time


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