More Murals for Miami

More murals like this one could be popping up soon in downtown. Courtesy of Miamism

More murals like this one could be popping up soon in downtown. Courtesy of Miamism

Image above is from Miamism

He can be loud, he can be in your face, but he tells it how it is.  There are many who might take offense to his style, but lets get something right: Brad Knoefler is passionate about Miami.  Recently, Knoefler was featured in The New Times as an “urban revivalist”.  I would have to call him an activist, simply because of the way he sparks interest in our urban center.   Some people may disagree and have their own opinions on him, but he has really challenged the way we look at our city.  He took a forgotten area in downtown and began to make a change in funding the Omni Park West Redevelopment.  Later he was one of the individuals to spearhead Grand Central Park: a large, temporary green space located deep within the urban core that has become a gathering space hosting concerts to Critical Mass meetups.  Now Brad wants to infuse art into the neighborhood.  By raising funds of $25,000, his goal is to bring in artists to beautify 10 buildings in the area.  Will it work?  It seemed to work out pretty well in Wynwood as the many of the murals can be seen clearly from the highway or by walking around on Second Saturdays.  The idea is a worthy effort and we are hopeful that it does work.  For the complete article on this project please visit the South Florida Business Journal.  


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