ARTIST TLK focuses on Daniel Arsham and Alexander Gorlin

Reserve Channel is a station on YouTube, that focuses on variety of different topics, usually done in an interview setting of some kind.  One of these segments is called Artist Tlk, hosted by Pharrell Williams. The same Pharrell Williams of NERD who wants to turn parts of Overtown into Ice Cream City.  Don’t know what Ice Cream City is? Check it out.

But Pharrell is a design enthusiast, and in the segment above he interviews two designers with ties to Miami. The first is architect turned artist Daniel Arsham.  Arsham is a former Miami resident who started the group Snarkitecture , and lately has been designing more interactive art pieces.  You might remember his work from last year’s Art Basel where he designed the entrance pavilion to Design/Miami titled Drift.  The second interviewee is Alexander Gorlin, a New York based architect.  Gorlin’s connection to Miami is for his designs located in the development called Aqua.  Aqua is located in Miami Beach, consisting of luxurious condo’s made possible by Craig Robbins.  The eponymously named Gorlin Building is one of the mid rises found on the island that helps frame the views of the surrounding waterways.  The entire interview is held in Gorlin’s apartment.  Most recently, Gorlin has been designing prefabricated affordable housing in Brooklyn and just last year served as a visiting lecturer at the University of Miami School of Architecture.


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