Landmark Miami: Competition Questions are now Answered

Today we answer your questions.  We took all the emails where you asked us questions about the competition, and created this list. Some questions were repeated and some were merged when they related to similar topics.  We tried to answer as many questions as possible.  Hope this helps:

What are the dimensions of the rectangular proposed site area?  Are there any more detailed site plans that you can give of Bayfront Park? Is there a DWG with site plan or site plan in scale- PDF format?  Also is there any topographical information?
A: Please download the site plan map from our website.  It is scaled to 1/8” = 1’-0” (Imperial not metric).  We have also outlined the exact area that you can use/build upon in pink.  All this information can be found by going to and checking out the updates.  Sadly we do not have a DWG file available, but the PDF is available can be easily traced in ACAD, Illustrator or other software.    As far as topography is concerned, there is some, but the park is mainly flat. Unfortunately, we do not have official topographical information.

We would like to know if this competition is ideas or build. Do you plan to build the building by the first awarded project? Will there be a second stage or any further collaboration with awarded authors?

A: The competition is for ideas only.  These ideas are used to generate interest within the design community to think about issues regarding the city.  Hopefully, the competition will be revisited should the city or other agencies wish to build a landmark in the city.

Are there any height restrictions?

A: There are no height restrictions, as this is an ideas competition.

Are we limited to only the program listed in the competition brief? Can we add other programs to it?

A: The competition brief lists the minimum programming that needs to be included. As long as that criteria is met, you can include any other programming you wish.

Can it be a monument?  Is it a major tourist attraction?

A: Yes, the landmark could be a monument, and we would hope that it does become a major tourist attraction.

Are there any budget limitations?

A: This is an ideas competition, there are no budget restrictions.

What about the Noguchi fountain: Do we have to keep it, or can we modify/change it?  What are the dimensions of the fountain? Should Noguchi fountain be preserved?

A: The Noguchi fountain may be removed.  Currently the fountain does not function as it was intended by the sculptor and is quite costly.  A modification or change is allowed as well.  Dimensions for the fountain can be taken and measured from the PDF file found at .   It is up to the designer(s) to make the call whether or not to preserve the fountain.


What about Biscayne Bay: What’s the condition of the water? Are we allowed to build on the water?

A: Biscayne Bay is heavily used by boaters, kayakers, jet skiers, and others during the weekends and is relatively calm most of the week.  The area of the bay near the site connects to the Miami River.  This area is known as the North Bay.  The waters close to Bayfront Park are not very deep, ranging from 8’-12’ in depths.  You can propose to extend out into the water, but should take into account that many boats traverse through the waterway.
The specification says about submitting two sheets 24″ x 36″, one of two sheets must include a rendered perspective 15″x15″, blank space, and at least 50 words.  The questions are: “Is it all what can be put on the sheet, and how big must be the blank area?”

A: No, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) leave the remainder of the area blank.  In reality, it would be wise to show off a rendering of the project so the jurors could get an idea of what it would look like.  The area left over on the sheet can be used for other types of drawings (Sections, plans, diagrams, etc…).


Are you planning to upload any pictures of the site on competition website? I think in this competition it is very important to put the building in the real context (skyscrapers bordering with the park) and for someone not living in Miami it is difficult to obtain copyright free pictures. Are we allowed to use the pictures from brief in our proposals?

A:  Yes, we have posted photos on our Flickr site, .  Look for the file marked, LANDMARK MIAMI PHOTOS.  All photos within that folder are free to use for the competition. Any photo we’ve placed in the competition is also free to use.

Will we be able to reconfigure the site including all park area?

A:  The competition is for a new Landmark in Miami.  There’s plenty of area within the park that can be reconfigured and that we’re allowing you to reconfigure.  However, the project is not to redesign Bayfront Park completely, but rather show how a new Landmark can be included to Bayfront Park.

Is there a minimum/maximum project site area?

A: Please see the answer to the first question.  We have specified which area you can work within the park.

Can these spaces by occupy by private developers, Starbucks, retail, etc.?

A: Yes, you can incorporate private enterprises in the program.


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