Help Team B.ADD WINGS Soar Over Miami!


Photo from Team B.ADD WINGS Facebook page


The Red Bull Flugtag: A wild and demented 21st century take on the Wright Brothers experiment.  For those of you who don’t know, the Flugtag challenges ordinary people to build an aircraft, powered only by a four man team and having just one pilot.  These flying machines range come complete with themes that are satirical, hilarious and sometimes just   downright insane.  Look closely, and you’ll see that these aviation masterpieces are being held together by nothing more than duct tape and some prayers. Here in Miami, the participants line up at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami where they push their contraptions up a ramp and onto a giant platform which serves as runway (we have videos of past participants on our facebook page).  Each team performs a dance number before they take the plunge into Biscayne Bay, although a select few do manage to fly several feet out into the water before ending up in the drink.

The relevance of this story with architecture is that a group of designers from a local firm have assembled one of the strangest yet imaginative competition entries yet:  Team B.ADD WINGS.  The team of 5 all work at the firm ADD Inc. which has produced some great projects over the years in Miami, especially on the beach.  The team has been inspired by one of the most motivational athletes to call Miami home: Chris Andersen…aka….The Birdman.  The design of their flying machine comes from Andersen’s gigantic wingspan and aerodynamic hairstyle.  If a basketball player’s image could be ever immortalized as a plane, Team B.ADD WINGS has achieved this feat.  But the B.ADD WINGS needs your help in order to see their idea materialized.  Personally, it would be great to see how a group of architects would fare in this competition especially on this one of a kind design.  Below is the main image of their design concept, enjoy!  Please visit their facebook page, and support them:  TEAM B.ADD WINGS.  You can also find their official Red Bull Flugtag page by clicking here:  Red Bull B.ADD WINGS

Design by Team B.ADD WINGS

Photo from Team B.ADD WINGS Facebook page


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