Rhythmicity by MONAD Studio

Image from MONAD Studio / SuckerpunchDaily

Image from MONAD Studio / SuckerpunchDaily


MONAD Studio was founded by principals Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg in 2002.  Their firm is a design research practice with focus on spatial perception related to rhythmic affect, with explorations ranging from the scale of urban plans to buildings, and from landscape to installations and product design.  Their firm has won many accomplishments, most notably being nominated as a finalist for the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Prize back in 2008.  MONAD has lectured at several institutions such as Columbia University, IAAC in Spain, The University of Miami, and Clemson University.  Their work is cutting edge and at the forefront of digital fabrication and technology.  Locally, Eric Goldemberg serves as a faculty member at the Florida International School of Architecture as an Assistant Professor.  He has also served as a juror for our Seaplane Terminal competition, and wrote an article on the competition later published in 2011 Competitions Annual.  MONAD Studio was also a finalist for the DawnTown Design / Build Competition last year.

Recently, their work was published online on SuckerpunchDaily.  Rhythmicity is a wall installation developed for Art Center South Florida, as part of the exhibition “Unpredictable Patterns of Behavior” in Miami.

The project embodies rhythmical patterns of growth found in temporal processes of species native to Florida, such as the behavior of strangler fig trees—these operate by growing aerial roots that attach to the host tree in multiple bundles, exerting pressure and depleting the host over time.

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