COMPETITION UPDATE: Got Questions for Design/Build 2 ?

If you have questions about the Open Call for Portfolios for DawnTown Design / Build 2, please feel free to submit questions to:

Although not originally stated in our brief, we will do our best to answer any questions you have regarding the competition and post them here on our website.

We will take questions starting now, December 12, up until December 23nd.  

Below are some questions that have been asked thus far, which are similar to our previous competition:

How can we ask questions to the competition? Should I submit first or wait until the questions are answered?
Questions may be submitted to  It’s up to you, but we recommend that you submit your portfolio first and then ask questions.  It costs you nothing to turn in a portfolio and if you don’t like the answers to the questions you asked you could always turn down your spot as a finalist.

Where will this year’s installation take place?
We have agreed to partner with HistoryMiami in the heart of downtown Miami.  With the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) moving to a new facility, HistoryMiami is expanding to their old spaces with new galleries and lots of areas to chose from.  However, we won’t reveal where exactly until the finalists are announced.  Don’t be concerned about site specifics just yet. As always, the installation has the potential to be moved and relocated to many different areas.

Is there a specific type of program you are looking for?  What should be in the portfolio?
The program for this year’s competition itself has not, and won’t be released until the finalists are announced.  As for your portfolio, we’ll look at conceptual work, built work, and all evidence of design.  Last year we received examples ranging from fashion design, to furniture design, to large architectural structures.  The important thing is to show off your creative ability.




About dawntownmiami

The annual public international architecture ideas competition for Downtown Miami! Also architecture and urban planning events in Miami throughout the year.
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