COMPETITION UPDATE: DawnTown Design/Build 2 – Questions Answered

In no particular order, here are the answers to the Design/Build 2 Competition:

Q:  Do the candidates have to be based in Miami?  And if not, would the candidate, if successful, be expected to travel to Miami for the competition?

A:  No, the candidates do not have to be based in Miami.  We hope to attract many candidates from all over the world; last year we had finalists from Japan and Canada, and our winner was an international selection between Miami and Spain. An award stipend is given to the winner to use as they wish, which could be used as money for travel or shipping.  Last year’s stipend was $2000.00, and expect this year’s to be at least the same. 

Q:  Where is the site?

A:  The site will be at HistoryMiami.  With the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) moving to a brand new location, HistoryMiami will be inheriting their space.  This will allow for different opportunities as to where the installation will go, which has not been decided upon yet.  Finalists will receive the parameters of where exactly their installation will be placed.

Q:  Is there a design schedule or construction schedule that will be given?

A:  The installation will debut toward the end of May, early June.  Once finalists are announced, they will have a 6-7 week window of time for design.  From there, the winning entry will have 8 weeks to begin coordination for construction.  

Q:  Regarding the portfolio submission, should we include a photograph of every single person, or can it be a group photo?

A:  Be as creative as you wish. Both photos will work just fine, just make sure to list your entire project team.

Q:  You had mentioned that the installation needs to be built quickly, what kind of budget will we have?

A:  The budget for this project will be $12,000 US.  $10,000 must be used on the construction, and $2000 goes toward the designer(s) to be used as they see fit. Designers are allowed to raise their own funds if they wish, but we don’t encourage it.

Q: But wait, if I include a photo, then how are the submissions judged “blind”?  

A: When you submit your portfolio, we ask that you include a space at the bottom for a registration and you are given one.  Before the jurors see the portfolio, they are edited so the only thing shown is your work and the registration number involved.

Q: Should the portfolio be organized in a theme?  

A: No, they don’t have to be organized in a theme.  But if you do decide to create some kind of thematic scheme for your portfolio, please inform us as to what it is.

Q:  I am a graduate student, and I wish to submit. Can I enter this competition?
A:  Please review the brief found on the website that explains the rules and how to enter. Graduate students and undergraduate students can apply as long as they are in their final year of study.

Q:  Can I submit a portfolio is my team is made up of individuals of different fields.  (ex: an artist and a landscape designer)

A: Of course!  You can have a mash up of different disciplines if you’d like.  We encourage variety.

Q:  Do I need to present an idea or you’ll supply the requirements for the composition after evaluating my credentials?

A:  No, please just provide us with your credentials via the portfolio.  We will then ask the finalists to submit ideas based off the program we provide to them.  

Q: Should I enter the competition again this year, if I didn’t make it into the second round last year? My portfolio hasn’t changed much. Won’t you remember my work?

A:  A year has passed, and there’s a good chance we won’t remember every single portfolio submission we received last year.  Not to mention, the jury will include new jurors.  Our suggestion is for you to reapply. Perhaps you were not selected last year because we had such a high quantity of great portfolios that it was difficult to select just a handful.  Maybe your work will stand out this year.


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