Below are the questions & answers for the Wynwood Gateway Park Competition.   We have also included an image below showing the site.

I would like to register for the competition with a proposal I have in mind. How do I register and submit my idea?

The competition is a two phase process.  The first phase, which we are currently in, is a call for portfolio phase.  Interested parties will submit a portfolio, formatted to the specifications found in the competition brief. The competition brief can be downloaded at  Once we receive the portfolio, you will be given a registration code that we will use to identify your team, as the jury will be done through a “blind” voting.  Once finalists are selected, they will be asked to come up with proposals for the Park.   Please consult with the competition brief on how to register

What is the project site location? Is there an address for the site?

169-179 NW 28 ST/Miami, FL 33137. Use this address to locate the site online on Google Maps for instance.

What is the surrounding property context, including: proposed buildings and site usage, size and layout of proposed buildings and site elements, and height of adjacent proposed buildings and structures.

Wynwood Gateway I is completed already. Wynwood Gateway II will be renovated at the same time the park will be constructed. This is a 2k sf adaptive reuse micro retail building facing the park. The park will be part of this complex. There is a restaurant that just opened to the east. What is the timeline for construction for the Wynwood gateway park? We hope to finish by the end of 2014 but latest Q1 2015.

Is there a budget for the proposed Wynwood gateway park? What will be the proposed budget range for improvements?

Yes, there is a min budget, but more than likely it will exceed that. The budget for improving the area will not exceed $500,000.00.

Is the park an interim space or is the park to be a permanent installation?

Currently it has been committed for a minimum of 5 years with the intent of being a more permanent installation.

Is the site a rectangular shape the faces 28th and 29th Street? I believe the lot that faces 29th street is Ducati’s parking lot. Or are both land lots next to each other making it in the shape of a square along 28th Street?

We need the floor plan for the Ducati building showing inside room uses and which doors are for public and service so we may provide a hierarchy of access appropriately.  Please see the image located below regarding the site plan.

Need a survey or base plan with defined project boundaries, spot elevations.

Metro 1 will provide this information to the finalists.

Can you have access to the park from 28th street?

Yes from both 29th and 28th Streets.

Are the (70×100) adjacent lots beyond the parking then?

Yes, they are beyond the parking.

Are the two lots in question (70×100) side by side or back to back?

The two lots are side by side.

Does the commercial structure (shown in the middle of the site) have to remain?

Yes, the commercial structure must remain.

Is the parking lot part of the site? And if it is, can it be discarded or eliminated?

Yes, and it cannot be discarded ore eliminated but it can be modified to include pavers and different landscaping.

What will be the off hours for the park? What kind of gate needs to surround the area?

It will probably be open from 8 or 9am until 6pm unless there is a special event.

 Will the winner be guaranteed a contract to build the design beyond the competition?

If they are a qualified landscape architect or architect yes. If they are not, their proposal will still get built by local qualified construction company or other building company. For example, if an artist with no building experience were to win the competition, the idea will still be built with the assistance of local builders and contractors.

 We need to know the population density of Wynwood district.

This information can be found online looking at census data. Wikipedia also does a good job at providing this information and links to resources that can accurately answer this question.

If the site include any historic or significant structure, can we remove it?

There are no historic or significant structures on site. It is just vacant land.

 Is it possible to include in the portfolio a project, which was planned and realized on the name of another office by a member of our team, who was employed as project manager (by bringing a written proof of having being the project manager on charge for all the planning phases, from competition/ideation to realization)? 

Yes, that is fine, but please make reference to that within the portfolio.  Do not take credit for others work. You should clearly identify what your role was in the project.

 Would it be more interesting for you to evaluate only projects which are similar in scale and task to the one of the competition or also other scales and tasks to understand in broader terms the team design approach?

Not necessarily. Our suggestion would be to make it a mix of projects, some relating to projects that are similar in scale, like a park or plaza, and others that show off creativity at any scale (buildings, installations, etc..).   .

How many members can be included in one group?

As many you’d like, however, any prizes given are given to the team and not per each individual.

Would graduate or undergraduate students be eligible to compete in this competition? 


Is there any need to include any cover page in the portfolio?

No cover page is needed.

Can we use Google SketchUP for 3D model of the park? 

Yes. Please remember that we are not taking proposals for the first phase of the competition, only portfolios.  Finalists will be selected and then be given the opportunity to submit their ideas.

With regards to the Wynwood Gateway Park Competition, is there a diagram or drawing or DWG file that clearly represents the site boundaries? Also do they indicate access points to the site?

Please see the image located below.

We are in a group of three.In page 1 can we put our logo next to our general description and then a picture of each members with the related bio and info?

Yes, that’s fine. Do not put the logo anywhere else, as identifying marks are strictly prohibited from anywhere else on the portfolio.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of projects? one projects  per each page?

No there isn’t. You can put more than one project per page.

The competition brief states “A type of gate must be included in order to secure the park during off hours.” Usually when will be the off hours? Can it be a public use area even at off hours? Any minimum height / requirement of this mentioned gate? 

Designers should plan to have a gate at least 6′ high.  Yes, it can still be public after hours. After hours means sundown.  However the park will have uses at night. This is a design related question that will take more effect in the second phase of the competition rather than in this first phase, which is a call for portfolios.

The competition brief states: “No parking to be included in the site”. Does this means that the existing parking at site can be removed?  

Existing parking will remain. No new parking will be placed in the park.

What are the buildings behind and next to the site besides ST JOHN CLINIC & MEDICAL CENTER. Where can we obtain information about these especially the building attached at behind the site. 

That area is outside the scope of this project.

Is there any registration needed before date submission of materials via email? 

The registration IS the submission of materials.  Your portfolio is the material you will first have to submit. We are not looking to receive proposals in the first round, but rather, portfolios in order to select a shortlist/finalist of people who will compete for the project.

Are there any height restrictions for shading canopies? 

Height restrictions will be limited by whatever the building code for the area dictates.

We would like to propose artwork for the existing park. Is there a particular dimension of the artwork. Is there any limitation for the height of a sculpture for this call ? Also will you assign any budget for making the structure? How much?

This is a question that is better for the second phase of the competition. If chosen as a finalist you can propose the idea of turning the park into a sculpture park, for example, but the competition is all about the redesign and development of this new urban space.

To confirm, registration prior to submittal of portfolio is not required? The portfolio submittal serves as this?

Yes, The portfolio serves as submittal. Once you send us your portfolio, formatted to the specifications found in the competition brief, you will receive a registration number.  Should you be selected as a finalist, this is the registration number you’ll use.

The project is called a Design and Build competition. Must entrants team with a build/ contractor company or will the construction be done in tandem with the organizing group?

No, you don’t have to enter with a build/contractor company. You can if you’d like, but it is not needed.  Metro 1, the sponsor for the event, will be working with the finalist to get the project built.  Further details will be given to the finalists.

There is discussion of design requirements in the brief. To confirm no design concept is to be submitted until round 2. More information (base plan, context etc) will be provided to finalists?

Correct.  No design concept is to be submitted in round 1.  Only finalists will be submitting design concepts, and of course, they will be getting more base drawing information.

Does an engineer(s) need to be included in the Team profile or will this be picked up in 2nd phase based on concepts etc? Obviously it is tough to get an engineer interested in smaller project until they are further developed.

No, an engineer does not have to be included in the team profile, one can be picked up later. Please note that any prize awarded to the winning team will be given to that team alone. Should the team decide to add on team members after the win, then it is the decision of that team to decide how they distribute the prize.

When will be the anticipated date for the second phase material submission? What types of deliverables will be needed during the second phase? How much time will finalists receive to create proposals for the space?

Finalists will be given a material submission date once selected.  Dates have not been determined or set in stone yet. However, the second phase will begin sometime in July. Deliverables have also not been decided yet, but they will be similar to the deliverables of past design/build competitions: presentation boards, budget estimate, video, etc… Finalists will receive somewhere 7 – 8 weeks to come up with designs.

When is the last date to submit portfolios? 

The last day to submit Portfolios is June 10th.

Just to confirm, does the materials deadline refer to the actual design proposal or portfolio submission/registration?

Materials deadline which is June 10th, is for the portfolios. No design proposals are to be turned in at that time. Please read through the competition brief and these questions/answers where we talk about the competition being a two phase process.

 How many finalist teams will be selected during the first round (Call for portfolios) to move on to the second phase?

That depends on the overall total amount of entries we receive and the quality of entries. It isn’t a set number but rather, a percentage based on the amount of entries and the quality of the entries.

 Are the designs submitted going to be part of a public display for selection? 

No, the selection will occur by jury. However, we have not decided if all the entries will be put on display regardless of selection.

We would like to design lighting, water feature, benches, berms, etc and want to make sure that these meet the criteria for the judging.

Yes, that would be excellent! However, this question is more for phase 2 of the competition.

Is there any problem to be members of the team from the same specialization ?

No. That is fine.




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