Meet WE-DESIGNS, DawnTown Design/Build 2 Finalist


The bad part of running a design competition is that you rarely interact with the participants, so it’s always a treat when one of them comes to visit.  Meet Wendy W Fok, creative director of WE DESIGNS LLC and recent honorable mention to our second Design Build competition.  Traveling with Evelyn Tilney, the creative producer at WE DESIGNS, I had the opportunity to meet them in Wynwood recently.  Their proposal for the Miami Cultural Center Plaza is titled “Occular Dominance”.  According to the description from their site, the project:

image courtesy  of  WE-DESIGNS

image courtesy of

…Grew out of Miami’s cityscape, mapped out of several zones of the metropolis, including Downtown, South Beach, Wynwood, Little Havana, and Coral Gables. As a feature of downtown, we felt that this Philip Johnson-designed plaza should and could have more visitors, especially because of Miami cultural center’s significant presence, and the movement pathways surrounding the building, including pedestrian, car, and public transport. We decided to engage the city plan and map this pattern on to the plaza, to see what grew from there.

Visually stunning, the project takes advantage of the plaza without physically touching it. Occular Dominance is a raised shade structure that takes cues from a variety of sources ranging from digital fabrication, to solar power generation, the pattern geometries found in Cuban tiles, and the impressive Miami sky.

For more information on the interesting work and research being conducted visit them at their website.



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