Future Latin American Art Museum in Miami?

Lets take a small little break from ArtBasel, just for a second.  I call your attention above , to a video from architect Fernando Romero’s office FR-EE.  The video shows a very convincing rendering for a future Latin American Art Museum in Miami  or LAAM. Although it doesn’t state where it will be located, if it will be built, or if the project is purely speculative, it’s interesting to consider this project for Miami considering this city has been referred to as “The Gateway of/to the Americas.”   This story was originally reported on ArchDaily.  Here’s an excerpt from the project:

LAAM is going to be situated within a residential complex, so it will work as the main access to the people living in the 111 apartments, which are going to be built later. The idea behind this conception is to offer something we could call “aesthetical quality life”. Thus the museum going to be a sort of meeting point for the residents and their visits.

In order to translate this context, Fernando Romero has proposed a building generous in terraces and open spaces to transfer the exterior context into the building. The terraces of the different floors can indeed be called “sculptural gardens”, since they will contain the art pieces at open air. This will emphasize the benefits of the tropical architecture, such as natural air circulation, access to open spaces, foliage and the presence of the sea and the sun. The terraces will also spark off the curiosity of the neighbors and the pedestrians strolling in Biscayne Boulevard, so it will also work as an invitation to visit the museum.— Complete ArchDaily Article.


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